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Family project

Hélène is a family project born from illusion and made with passion and love.

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A love story was born between Elena and Fuerteventura.

It all started in the early 1960s when a young woman, Elena, arrived from the elegant and cosmopolitan Biarritz to Fuerteventura, a virtually unknown island, with barely 20,000 inhabitants in an area of 1,660 km2.

It was love at first sight… like Unamuno, she fell in love with this desert island, its wild spirit, its endless beaches of golden sand and turquoise water, and its people. Furthermore, it was a gift that changed his life.

In 1969, she settled permanently in Fuerteventura and in this house began a new life: the family was growing and Elena became a woman admired and loved by the islanders. Her hippie free spirit, her kind and altruistic character, made everyone around her fall in love with her throughout her life. Hélène Holidays is not just another place to go on vacation. It is a magical destination, an oasis where our guest can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.