¡Welcome to our Paradise! Welcome to Fuerteventura…


Hélène Holidays & Retreats is a family villa born from the illusion and made with passion and love.

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A dream destination for people who seek absolute disconnection, a place where time stands still.

This story began 50 years ago when a young woman, Hélène, arrived from the elegant and cosmopolitan city of Biarritz to Fuerteventura, an unknown island with a population of only 20.000 inhabitants on the area of 1.660 km2.

It was a love at first sight… like the Spanish writer Unamuno, she fell in love with this desert island. The wild spirit, the endless beaches of golden sand and turquoise water and the islanders captivated Elena`s attention from the very first day. It was a gift that had changed her life completely.

In 1969 she settled definitely in Fuerteventura and Hélène becames Elena. She began a new life in this house: her family was growing and “Doña Elena” became an admired woman and very loved by the islanders. Elena was a woman with a free hippie spirit, very generous and loving. Everyone who had a chance to meet her was contagious by her extraordinary personality.

Hélène Holidays & Retreats is not just another place to come on holidays. It is a magic destination, the oasis where the guests can live fully an unforgettable and unique experience.